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Our last newsletter in a traditional PDF format was the spring 2023 issue. From summer 2023 onward, newsletters are sent as an email template to all active member addresses.


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Time Capsule

When Isabel Leonard left New England in mid-May 2013 to begin her semiretirement in California, she sent me a small stack of old issues of NETA News. These included issues from May 1976 to December 1977-January 1978 and document that NETA was founded in September 1975. In fact, the founders were none other than Isabel and her late partner Bill Grimes. 

The articles in the issues reproduced here were written mainly by Isabel, Bill, Alice Berglund, and a few others. They document the translation landscape at the time, the types of technology then available, the arrangements people came up with to help them solve translation problems, the controversies then current in the translation world, and many other facets of translation life. 

While the entire stack is worth reading, a number of articles immediately caught my eye:

"Dictionary Pool Progress Report," p. 4, May 1976 and p. 5, August 1976 

"Workshop on Dictating Equipment," p. 2, July 1976 

"Letter from London," p. 6, July 1976 

"A Translator's Continuing Education," p. 2, August 1976 and p. 3, September 1976 

I am grateful to Tapani Ronni for scanning the newsletters so they are searchable PDFs.
--Ken Kronenberg










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