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Language Blogs

Below are some blogs we'd like to recommend, in no particular order. If you find another useful blog, please let us know: Contact us (This blog welcomes contributions.) (Gabe Bokor's site, under new ownership) (musings of ATA member Corinne McKay) (information, news, opinions about professional translation)  (translation, language, literature) (rich and varied, includes long list of other blogs)  (Jill Sommer’s blog)  (by the Jenner twins; see list of their favorite language-related blogs at bottom left of home page)  ("quirky exploration" by Kevin Lossner; serious, long, recommends other items of interest at bottom left)  (geared to conference interpreters)  (focus on getting started) (by interpreter Tony Rosado)  (by Paula Arturo, Argentinean lawyer/linguist + 2 others)  ("fair pay for honest work")  (musings on the translation industry by Steve Vitek) ("Listen and learn about the language industry" by Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay)


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