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Model Contract

For an excellent description of terms and conditions you may want to avoid in a contract, you can visit

[N.B. The contract text that appears here is very general and is not intended to cover all possible circumstances. You can add or remove sections as needed. For example, new translators working for an agency may have to accept most of the agency’s terms until they have established themselves. It also may not be necessary to send out a contract for every $50-$100 job. However, if your client is an individual and not an agency, then a contract is a must. If the work entails special legal issues, such as ownership of the copyright of a book, it is definitely advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer.]

The undersigned __________________________________________

of ______________________________________________________

hereby agrees to contract with _______________________________

of ______________________________________________________

for the following translation/interpretation services:

Description _______________________________________________

from ________________________ into ________________________

at the rate of ______ per word or at the rate of _______ per hour.

In the case of large translations or those done for foreign clients or agencies, payment of _______% of the estimated cost will be made before the work begins.

The Translator agrees (does not agree) to do formatting, layout, or desktop publishing of the text at no extra cost (at the rate of _______ per hour).

Date of completion is ____________________(with time zone), with the understanding that once the translation is in progress, any changes in the source text will be counted as additional text and charged at the same rate. Such changes may require a time extension.

Should the contracted work be withdrawn by the Client/Agency or not materialize, a fee of __________ will be paid by the Client/Agency to the Translator.

Each party to this Agreement will have the right to terminate said contract, provided that _____ (weeks’/months’) written notice is given in advance and payment is made on the work completed.

The completed translation will be returned to:____________________

in the form of:
__ CD __ hard copy __ electronic transfer
or by:
__ Fedex __ US Postal Service __ email.

In the case of CD or electronic transfer, the translation will be delivered using the software below:


Payment is due ___ upon completion ___ within 30 days _____ other

The Client or Agency shall indemnify and hold harmless the Translator against all damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) sustained by the Translator in connection with any claim, suit, or proceeding based on or arising out of the underlying material provided by the Client. If so requested by the Translator, the Client shall assume full responsibility for the defense and settlement of such a claim or action.


The Client or Agency will review each translated document, and will notify Vendor of any requested corrections or changes of that document within fourteen (14) business days after receiving it from Vendor. Vendor shall correct any errors made by Vendor at no cost to Client or Agency. If Client or Agency has not notified Vendor of any requested corrections or changes within this period, the translated documents will be assumed to be accepted and free of errors.

Signed: _____________________________

Signed: _____________________________
Date: _______________________________

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